Meet the Musicians: Deborah Pae

Name: Deborah Pae
Nickname: Deb, Debbie, Doobs, Debbuh, Debbie-ahhhh...(the list is long), but the best might be Madame President!
Instrument: Cello
Friday night libation: Depends on how I'm feeling, but it's always between an amazing single malt whiskey, red wine, or IPA.

Favorite piece that's being performed at PCMF 2016 and why: Brahms Clarinet Quintet is so exquisite but I'm also really looking forward to the Adams John's Book of Alleged Dances.

What are you looking forward most about spending a week in the Bay Area? I have NEVER been to San Francisco before (connections in the airport don't count) so this trip is going in the history books! I hear from Wayne and Juliana that I have a gastronomic tour awaiting. I might have to go straight to In-and-Out from the airport...

What's the craziest or most memorable thing that's happened to you during a performance? When I was 13, I played at the 45th GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden. It was by far one of the coolest experiences I ever had, playing for almost 20,000 people and sitting next to some of the biggest pop, hip-hop, and country music stars. It was the year of Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer wiped the categories so I was star-struck seeing them perform and I remember sitting behind or very close to Ludacris and, WHAT?! There was also a moment backstage where I stood next to a whole collection of freshly polished Grammy trophies waiting to be given to the winners. It was worth skipping school that day...