In 2017, PCMF implemented an extensive Community Engagement Initiative that took our musicians into homeless shelters, retirement homes, and community centers in Oakland to perform free concerts. Our 2017 events lineup:

St. Mary's.jpeg
  • Thursday, July 27 at St. Mary's Center, which provides essential services to homeless and at-risk seniors and provides schooling to preschoolers living in poverty.
  • Thursday, July 27 at St. Paul's Towers, a senior living community.
  • Friday, July 28 at The Lake Merritt, a senior living community.
  • Friday, July 28 at Cityteam Oakland, which addresses the needs of people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Programs include homeless shelter, addiction recovery help, and women's programs.
  • Saturday, July 29 at Oakland Asian Cultural Centerwhich builds vibrant communities through Asian and Pacific Islander arts and cultural programs that foster intergenerational and cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, collaboration, and social justice.


In addition, every year, PCMF presents a concert that introduces our youngest listeners to the world of chamber music - a world of wondrous sounds, vivid imagination, and interactive play.

Check out these amazing photos from our 2016 show: A Young Person's Guide to Chamber Music! Our audience learned why a string quartet is like a basketball team, where the sound of a cello comes from, and how a clarinetist can play for 4 minutes without taking a breath!

Photos: Tina Tallon