Meet the Musicians: Juliana Han

Name: Juliana
Nickname: Pablo
Instrument: Piano
Friday night libation: Something gin based. 

Favorite piece that's being performed at PCMF 2016 and why:
I'm excited for Bolcom's Second Piano Quartet on the Saturday evening concert. I went to college in the Napster days and spent my nights immersed in the rap music that my dorm mates always had playing. I learned that I'm a total sucker for intense rhythmic beats, and the Bolcom has it in spades.

What are you looking forward most about spending a week in the Bay Area?
Egg tarts from Oakland's Chinatown. Those little golden crowns of flaky crusted perfection will never know what hit them.

What's the craziest or most memorable thing that's happened to you during a performance?
As a pianist, you have to take the piano you're dealt. At one church concert, I was told to put the lid up on half-stick because of the stage setup. I was happy to oblige, but the piano only had the full-stick, without the shorter stick that's sometimes attached. Certain that he was mistaken, I informed the house manager, who told me (somewhat exasperatedly) to look again inside the piano. I looked - and there, inside, was a sawed-off 2 by 4. Literally a half stick. I propped up the lid and played the concert trying not to look at it.

My precioussss...

My precioussss...